Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reflection #6 Field experiences

We were able to do a few art integrated lessons the first was making a booklet where we had the kids draw symbols to represent the Six reasons for exploration.  They had fun doing these little books and they learned the subject well.

We were also able to do a dramatic reading session about Columbus.  It was fun also we had them pretend they were on the boat with columbus, we turned the lights down low, and gave them paper hats to wear as they listened to the story.

The most interesting thing that happened during field was hearing about the grumpy old art teacher.  The kids hated going to her class she taught art and music that just seems wrong. The reason they disliked it so much was because the old lady ran it with an iron fist so to say.  She had them watch a video about music as they colored or drew something quietly at their desks.  How boring and unproductive can you get sheesh.