Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reflection #5 VISUAL ARTS

I have learned a lot about my self from this section.  First that I am really passionate about visual art more so than any other form of art. I have also learned that this is what I want to teach more than anything else.   I enjoyed reading through the chapters and learning about how art can improve children's learning experience in so many ways.  I know for sure that it was art that got me through school, yet after reading about it more in depth I cannot help but wonder where I would be now if I had it as fully integrated as is is described in the book.  Some of my current teachers keep saying teach the way you want to be taught.  I can see how that would bring a lot of passion into every lesson I teach.  I would be willing to do much more for every student to understand and actually be able to understand and perform any task that needs to be taught.  I would definitely be more interested in what I was doing.  Of all the things we have done in class the art activity about the elements of art was my favorite.  I was excited to keep going and do more and more.  I also enjoyed doing the illustrator project I could do that over and over again too.  In ending I wonder how can I transfer this passion to everything else?

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