Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reflection #1

As I have begun my professional Educator training I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I hoped to do is currently being taught to me.  While I was deciding to get into the program my visions of grandeur including being able to incorporate all my art skills and knowledge.  I had little to no idea that there were so many people already doing the things I want to do.  I am now very hopeful that I can find an Arts integrated school to teach at.  I have always felt my education was incomplete and it is all the aspects we have talked about that I feel I missed.  As I have talked to my wife, who recently went through UVU's teaching program and is currently teaching, about applying what she learned she has expressed some frustration that it is hard to fit even what the district and school want taught let alone adding all the arts integration and the other things she learned in school.  I know part of her struggle is being a first year teacher and just getting lessons planned is difficult.  Yet I have hope that she and I will be able to incorporate more as time goes on.  I am excited to learn more about applying visual arts into the day as well as music, being that they are a large part of my life.  I want future generations to have arts in their education because of how much it adds to life, how it allows us to breach culture walls, gives a base to understand different people, and it is such a healthy escape from life which in itself  makes it invaluable.

I have decide I would try to include some kind of art work that I have done or been involved with in each post.  This particular piece is entitled Enlightened it is a self portrait about me getting carried away with my ideas.  Hopefully school will continue to provide these ideas for me.

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