Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reflection # 3 DaNcE

The reading was enlightening to say the least.  I am amazed at how much dance helps children in their learning.  It makes sense that it would help them so much,  they have all that energy that needs to be used up.  It might as well be used up productively.    I also enjoyed the activities we did in class especially the brain dance it was really relaxing and I felt a little more in tune with my body.  The machine dance would be fun to apply to a lesson where you are discussing the help or change that a machine has made to our lives, such as the cotton gin.

I don't remember doing much dance in school maybe I blocked it out of my memory.  The one time I do remember was a square dance in 6th grade where I had to dance with my neighbor who was a foot and a half taller than me.  I didn't enjoy having my struggle with hight displayed to the hole school.
I talked to my little sister who teaches 2nd grade about how much she is able to use dance in her class she said they do some in PE and she has them dance with the music activities.  But that was about the extent of it.  I want to integrate all this stuff but I can see how much of a challenge it will be do find the time to do it all.

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